Client Testimonials

A very big thank-you for taking the time to come to Leicestershire and provide our annual CPR training.

Great presentation and interaction, very hands on session which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

We all came away feeling far more confident in CPR and medical emergencies so definitely learnt something. Thanks once again to both you and John

I just thought I'd drop you a quick note to thank you for the course that you recently held at the Eastman and let you know of events that occurredsubsequent to this.

I just thought I'd drop you a quick note to thank you for the course that you recently held at the Eastman and let you know of events that occurredsubsequent to this.

Around 2 weeks later, I was walking through a shopping centre on a Sunday morning when I noticed someone lying flat on the floor, and two adults standing around close by. One was on the telephone and both were obviously distressed.

I went over to find that an elderly gentleman had collapsed a couple of minutes before I arrived. His wife was with him, as was his daughter, who was telephoning for help. The patient was a striking blue colour and lifeless.

I then did what you had trained me to do. It was as simple as that; your course gave me the confidence to carry out the necessary assessment and actions in a way that I don't think that I could have done by simply learning the procedures from a book.

My assessment revealed that he was without a pulse, and not breathing. I did single-rescuer resuscitation on him, while directing other people (a number of people had gathered by this point, including his son in law and grandchildren) to ascertain his medical history, personal details and comfort the relatives.

After 15-20minutes the paramedics arrived. During the time when I was alone, I was so pleased that your instruction had drummed in to me the importance of not stopping, and made me aware of events encountered in "real life" that few of the texts that I have used before even mentioned. For example, I was confident enough to not be disturbed by the agonal gasps, even though others were saying "Stop, he's breathing". Hearing ribs crack is extremely disturbing, but hearing the real life experiences of the staff who instructed on the course helped me to ignore this and concentrate on doing what was necessary.

After the paramedics arrived, I continued to carry out chest compressions while they attended to more specialised tasks. I think that my presence helped in so far that they were able to do other essential tasks. I continued to assist during the rest of the treatment. Again, other practical points such as holding the oxygen mask behind your back when the patient is being shocked, noting the times of events and knowing the names of the equipment when asked to pass it helped immensely.

After around 45 minutes, and 4-5 shocks, a pulse was regained and the patient was moved to A and E.
I was left behind and spent a few minutes talking to his wife. I think that this was time well spent as my reassurances that all that could have been done, was indeed done, seemed to help the poor lady immensely. His son-in-law asked for my details and thanked me for my assistance. The relatives then went after their granddad.

2 days later, I had a call from the son-in-law. He said that his father in law has lived for 2 days before passing on, but that they were so grateful for being given that time to "say goodbye". He reported that he had died peacefully, and with his family around him. He thanked my profusely, but to be honest the knowledge that my actions may have assisted his poor wife in her moment of pain were all the thanks that I could have asked for. If anything, just being able to have made a small difference to someone in this situation was all the thanks that I could have wished for.

I spent the next couple of days reflecting on these events and analysing my actions, checking again and again that I had done things correctly. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the realistic and thorough training given to me by yourself and your staff and I hope that you can see how your teaching benefited someone in need.

Thank you again for your excellent training.

In respect of training, Lee Taylor and Chris Kurt Gabel mostly deliver our training and the evaluations are always positive.

Here are few comment examples 

“The whole session was excellent” 

“Excellent training, much more confident at the end of the day” 

“The course was well presented by the trainer- skills practice and scenarios well chosen and interesting!”

“Very valuable!” 

“Thanks for your tolerance and patience”

All Clinical Eastman Dental Hospital staff have been trained by Chris and Lee - the feedback that I receive after each session is excellent and as they train the whole team I am assured that in the event of a medical emergency each member of the team will know the role that they have to play to support the patient. 

From the pre-reading, a week before the training to the actual full day training session - the whole experience is seamless, professional and very well received. 

This is our third year of working with A to E and we continue to support this quality training.

MEiDP (Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice) was an extremely practical, useful course. Presenters were enthusiastic professionals who were obviously passionate about their subject. Role playing was used a great deal during the course. This proved to be a very effective way of mimicking real life situations and made a memorable impact. I found it so useful I intend to have a return visit!

"We have been using A to E Training & Solutions Ltd for a wide range of life support courses for several years and have found them to be very flexible in tailoring courses that always meet our specific needs. Their trainers are subject experts and have consistently delivered high quality, practical and dynamic courses."

Our practice found the training very useful - as usual, the days after CPR training are full of medical emergencies - this time was no exception and people felt their confidence had been boosted by the training.

I enjoyed the way the session was delivered, it was relaxed and easy to understand and the take home messages where easy to remember.

Very well delivered so that I absorbed all the information. I learnt so much from seeing the demonstration and then the verbal instruction.

We can't wait for our next CPR update in December - hopefully presented again by Chris Kurt-Gabel and Lee Taylor... it's the highlight of our year! Chris and Lee always lead an action and information packed afternoon of theory, practice and fun - including surprise scenarios that we have to jump in and deal with. Their instruction is clear; their info is up to date; and they insist that we demonstrate our understanding and skills to a high standard. We always end up with the confidence that we can make a difference and really save lives...

Consistently of a high standard. The feedback from three years training has been excellent

I have been working with A to E Training Solutions since 2007/08. Initially this was on an ad-hoc basis but I was so impressed by their knowledge, training style and engagement with the team at all levels during training, I recommended them to our organisation as a provider. Thankfully we brought them on board as our approved supplier of emergency training, and since then I feel we have seen improvement across the centre in both confidence of the team in handling emergency situations, but also the structure of more lateral aspects such as assessments, emergency scenarios and the equipment we use. As a manager I feel very confident that they are delivering high quality training which in turn brings the team more confidence in dealing with the unexpected

A to E Training Solutions are a professional company who have delivered excellent training for our medical team in a bespoke manner aimed our core business.

The course teachers were really good and really made me feel confident to ask questions and learn. Really valuable course, and presented extremely well – actually enjoyed it ! great to refresh and learn more information.

Just wanted to say thanks for a very well taught and enjoyable two-day course at Stanmore! I'd definitely recommend Stanmore to my colleagues.

I wanted to say thank you to A to E Training and Solutions for saving her husband’s life ! In July this year my husband suffered a cardiac arrested at home – I dialled 999 and did compression only CPR as I had been taught – ignoring the ambulance service who asked me to do mouth to mouth – for about 6 minutes whilst waiting for the ambulance – when the ambulance arrived they shocked my husband once and got him back and he was breathing when they left to take him to the hospital. He is back to work, enjoying life – he has some short term memory loss and some damage to his heart. If it had not been the training that I had I am not sure if I would have not done anything before the ambulance arrived. The Paramedics and hospital all agreed that if I had not done such good CPR the outcome would have been different.



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