Our Experience

Our Experience

We pride ourselves as an organisation that all the training programmes delivered by us are done so by trainers with real world experience of the subject matter. All of our trainers are instructors in national life support disciplines. The directors of the company represent a broad spectrum of healthcare delivery, nursing, medicine and pre hospital care.

The quality of our sessions and the hands on experience is consistently rated by our customers as some of the best life support training they have experienced. Our pricing structure is at the lower end of the spectrum in the current market. We are committed to ensuring our student to instructor ratios maximise the learning for all participants, as well as ensuring that there is sufficient training equipment to enable role play and actual practice to bridge the theory practice gap.

Anaphylaxis Management

Anaphylaxis is a generalised severe life threatening reaction that can be triggered due to any number of caused the most common being insect bites, consumption of certain foods or certain medications. Appropriate anaphylaxis management is what save a person from suffering the fatal complications to these types of reaction. Signs that a person is suffering from anaphylaxis are generally considered to be a rapid onset and progression with specific symptoms including itchy skin rash accompanied by generalised swelling, difficulty in breathing, stridor, signs of shock such as fast heart rate and falling blood pressure. Death from anaphylaxis can rapidly occur if not treated promptly.

Management of airway, breathing and circulation are the vital components in addition to the early administration of intramuscular adrenaline to arrest the vasodilation and swelling that is caused by ananaphylactic reaction. Any person working in an environment where there is the risk of anaphylaxis should ensure that they have had the appropriate training and have the necessary drugs to allow them to manage ananaphylaxis until arrival of the emergency services.

Our experience in first aid training has made it clear that many people are not aware of the appropriate management of anaphylactic reactions. This is why anaphylaxis management has become an important part of our training programmes and can be included into the BLS training that we carry out.



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