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Why A to E Training & Solutions?

The demographics of our customer base is extremely broad. They range from healthcare providers who have a duty to be able to initiate life saving treatment to lay public who feel that they want to have the skills and knowledge to respond in the event they encounter an emergency situation either at home or work. Most training course have a certification lasting 12 months. Many of our customers have experienced emergency situations and did not feel adequately prepared hence the motivation for training.

We produce a bi annual newsletter with details of developments in medical emergencies and resuscitation practice in the UK and Europe. We also undertake a direct mailing to relevant organisations and groups quarterly. A significant proportion of our business is repeat and also through satisfied customer recommendation.

Our business structure is fairly unique in the market place bringing together the different disciplines that make up emergency care in the UK. In addition to this we have developed three innovative training programmes. These include a course aimed at dental care professionals, management of medical emergencies in deprived healthcare environments and dealing with medical emergencies in Phase 1 clinical research units. All of these courses have accompanying pre course materials and have a sound balance between didactic teaching and practical hand on. These training programmes have been developed through participation of those actually practicing in these areas and we are seeking to grow and develop these programmes.

We are also unique in using trainers who are also instructors in nationally recognised resuscitation training programmes. This business ethic helps to ensure that those delivering our training can relate the principles to real life recent examples.

The development of our MEMaP (Medical Emergencies; Management and Preparedness) course for the deprived healthcare environments has been both challenging but also incredibly rewarding and is in our opinion unique in this field.



First medical emergencies application for dental care professionals.

We are pleased to announce that we have launched the first ever medical emergencies application aimed at dental care professionals for iPhone and Android platforms. This interactive application has our...